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Are you looking for an internet and content marketing company to help your business get more targeted online traffic to reach more clients or customers? SEO Bullseye offers high quality and effective SEO services business owners, law firms, dental offices and more. To schedule a FREE SEO consultation call to find out more about the services we provide contact us today. Call the number listed below or fill out the contact form for your marketing inquiry.

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What Is Internet Marketing?

If you described marketing as the lifeblood of any business, you wouldn't be far from the truth. It is a concept that is great to build brand awareness and help to increase sales among a whole lot of other advantages. Add the Internet to that, and you have a completely different proposition.

That's because the Internet is far-reaching in effect, scope and application. To that end, Internet marketing is described as a process or mechanism through which a company or business seeks to promote its products and services, in a bid to advance its aims and objectives over the Internet. Put simply, it is marketing with the use of the Internet.

Again, its methods of application mean that it has different definitions ascribed to it by different persons. That's why you'll see words such as e-marketing, web marketing, digital marketing and to a considerable extent, SEO marketing.

If you ask several CEO's, business owners, marketers, and other business-inclined people the purpose of marketing over the Internet, they'll indicate that it generates sales or directs people to buy from them. But, you would be wrong to imagine that's the only or main purpose it serves. Internet marketing also serves research purposes to learn more about a potential market, know how it works and what's needed. Further, it's a valid means to put your brand out there or introduce it to the world.

For a concept so wide and yet highly effective, it would take a good understanding to figure out genuine ways to apply it in order to help your business grow. Also, with technology and recent innovations, an online presence is ever so crucial for success. The size of the business doesn't matter. You'll find that most of your competitors use Internet marketing and would most certainly leave you behind if you don't.

What Type of Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Local SEO through content marketing.

Law Firm SEO | SEO Services for Law Firms

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"Our #1 Goal is to Help business owners who are looking to scale their business online. Our services generate more targeted leads through organic search. Through more leads they can continue to land more sales, projects, work, and grow their business."

Local SEO and Online Marketing

Local SEO and Online Marketing

Why Online Marketing Works

More Online Presence Than Ever Before

There are more people spending time online than standing in front of stores trying to make a purchase. This has made Internet marketing flourish and is certainly a key factor as to why online marketing works. In fact, more consumers spend their whole 'buyer's' journey online. Now consumers don't have only one or two aspects of marketing to provide information, as is the case with traditional means of marketing.

They can experience everything associated with a product. Also, every detail, information, photo, and even links, serve the interests of teeming users online, and so they become less bothered with visiting a physical market place. Keep in mind that online marketing hasn't replaced such stores, neither does it seek to, but its growth rate of customer satisfaction is here to stay.

Gives Other Traditional Platforms A Boost

While traditional means of marketing are not quite obsolete, online marketing can give such platforms a timely boost by improving their performances through the presence built and interest generated. As a result, there is more brand lift, strong relationships forged through increased social engagements, and general promotion of the business. Further, this affects the traditional means positively, especially if such means are used to refer to online marketing.

Contents become enriched too and can be transformed either way (Traditional to online or vice versa). For example, traditional means of marketing like TV, radio, and papers, have their contents spun and enriched to fit with modern standards of online marketing. This helps business reduce costs and run on lower expenses.

Increased Leads And Sales

All companies wish to have increased sales no matter how it happens, and if that's through online marketing, all the better. Online marketing works because it more often than not, leads to increased opportunities for sales, thus increasing the ROI of the business.

Again, with proper methods and strategies revolving around content, visibility, and consumer needs, online marketing efforts are well rewarded. Furthermore, as with other vital parts of your business, using experts to handle your online presence and brand perception is important. That's because an expert understands the consumer's needs and knows how to make your brand more appealing.

Online Marketing Works Better Than Traditional Methods

It's a no-brainer really and you'll be hard-pressed to find any company not doing all it can to modernize its approach to business as a whole and marketing in particular. As times move and business evolves with it, your company and brand will be stuck in the past and severely trailing competitors if you don't adapt.

To that end, online marketing sure beats anything traditional marketing can offer because it is the most efficient means to reach your target audience. Also when it comes to the cost-per-conversion basis, online marketing is many times more efficient than TV, papers, radio, and direct mail. Further, no matter how much traditional marketing changes, the basic aspects always stay the same. In sharp contrast to that, online marketing is the 'in thing' and there are more than enough basic aspects that change with a minimal fuse. No thanks to the considerable size of people who use the Internet and innovations that spring up every day.

Effective Search Engine Optimization with positive Results

Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services
Content Marketing Services | SEO Internet Marketing | Law firm Marketing & Dental Marketing

What Are The Benefits To Internet Marketing?

  • Internet marketing has a host benefit that includes but are not limited to the following:
  • Unlimited marketing
  • Low set-up and operating costs
  • Global outreach
  • Convenience
  • High Level Of Interaction With Customers

Unlimited Marketing

There's no time cap, time-frame or time regulation for just how much you can put your business out there. It's an around the clock fixture coupled with the fact that you won't have to pay staff for overtime. Further, everything is Internet-based and time zones have no effect on how your marketing campaigns run. Your page or website would always be responsive to target customers to view goods (products), get information on them and make a purchase without risking closure.

Low Set-up And Operating Costs

Cost is almost always a sticking point for any business willing to run a marketing campaign. As such, the best means will always be appreciated especially if it's affordable. Traditional forms such as TV and print often have large operating costs and that weighs heavily on a company's budget. To avoid that, using websites, blogs and other Internet platforms are way cheaper and effective to run.

Global Outreach

The Internet is a gold mine of consumers and the best part of it is that they are not limited by distance. The type of the business, size, and budget does not matter because there are more prospective customers than you can collect data for. More so, your marketing content will be seen by many people through platforms or tools you use. This leads to visits to your website, more interactions and improved sales.


The Internet has transformed many businesses because of how convenient it is. Apart from the fact that you'll be open for business all day long, the Internet breaks the hardest parts of marketing to simple components. For example, it's easier to put goods out there online and even easier for consumers to buy them; usually at the click of a button. This has reduced the cost of transportation and made the need to establish a network of distributors for import or export purposes unnecessary.

High Level Of Interaction With Customers

Internet marketing enables you to interact more with your customers to build successful relationships. You'll know how they feel about certain products and ways you can improve. This is more effective when you have means to respond such as mails, chat bots or social media platforms linked to your business. Also, you can have after-sales interactions with customers.

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Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Media Marketing

By now, you realize just how important Internet marketing is. Here are the reasons why it transcends anything traditional media marketing has or will ever put up:

  • Results are measurable
  • Brand development
  • Personalized Appeal
  • Results Are Measurable

Internet marketing makes it possible to not just keep track of results or outcomes but also to measure them. While every business has peculiar needs, there are options to suit everyone.

Further, there are highly beneficial ways to measure the effectiveness of the Internet marketing plan/strategy you select. Chief among them is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is no traditional media marketing that offers this luxury. Put simply, you'll have a hard time collecting data and would most likely need to hire people to do that.

Brand Development

One of the main aim of Internet marketing is directed at brand development. The image of your business will gain more traction being online than on traditional platforms.

While the amount of people who use the Internet adds to that, the chances of your brand getting the attention it deserves would be far reduced using print, TV or direct mail. In fact, as mentioned earlier, Internet marketing improves traditional marketing and complements it nicely. But on its own, Internet marketing is awesome for brand development, unlike traditional media marketing that has methods plagued by limited space, frequency of campaigns and dwindling interests.

Personalized Appeal

There is a marked difference between Internet marketing and traditional media marketing when it comes to personalized approaches. You can have a print run information about a business to many customers but that's just about it. With Internet marketing you can do much more.

The content and every aspect of it can be customized or personalized to serve each channel. Again, with data on your customers, you can target each and everyone of them directly. That way, they feel unique.

In conclusion, every company that's part of the global community is keying into internet marketing so that they can better serve their customers and put their products and services out there. It's one sure way to surpass the competition or at least, meet it headlong.

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