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SEO Case Study of Projects

Last Updated : 4/27/2019

Below are two case studies of two clients we currently manage their SEO and PPC leads for their business. The two sites are very different niches, but are generating the results they need for their specific content.

Take a look at the stats below. What we do and provide is very effective; once you've looked through the information below contact us via email or call us for a free consultation. Let's build together!

The following Images Are Watermarked With Our Brand Logo. The Copyright And Use Of Case Study Images Are Only Authorized For Use and Promotion by SEO Bullseye Demonstrating The Results We've Achieved For Our Clients Showcased On This Page.

"We'll Take Your Organic Site Traffic From Zero To Hero!"

SEO Case Study Project #1:

Kenalsworld - SEO Case Study

Kenalsworld - SEO Case Study

Niche: Art and Entertainment
Website Type: Art Blog
Result After Organic SEO: 800+ Average Monthly Visitors
AHrefs Site Authority: 2​4
Moz Site Authority: 32


Project 1 Milestone - Reached 1 Million People

Why is reaching 1 million in impressions important? Why is reaching as many people in views or impressions important?

The Answer:

Although the number itself is not 1 million in sales but reaching a lot of people online builds your brand equity. The more people that see your content, logo, brand colors, and your business name contribute to building your brand's presence overall online. This will lead to future returning clients or services.  

(Impressions are also important although CLICKS on the key focus)

Kenalsworld SEO Case Study

Kenalsworld SEO Case Study

Over 1 million monthly impressions and 8,000 clicks/visitors received organically. With this milestone number of impressions the brand of the company continues to grow. What would 1 million monthly recurring views/impressions of your brand's name and identity do for your business? 

Brand growth and and brand awareness is one of the most beneficial aspects to receiving that amount of impressions. Although the clicks are not 1 million clicks, but the high number of impressions would allow more and more people to be aware of your business.

Kenalsworld SEO Case Study
Kenalsworld SEO Case Study
Kenalsworld SEO Case Study

$700-$800 Monthly Traffic Ad Value

The websites traffic have an estimated traffic value of $758/month which is what would need to be spent on average on pay per click ads in order for the site to receive 1,500-2,000 monthly visitors.

Traffic Matters For Business Success

Every business whether online only, drop-shipping, retail, and or service all need traffic in order for their business to be successful.

Kenalsworld SEO Case Study - $750 Site Traffic Value

Kenalsworld SEO Case Study - $750 Site Traffic Value

SEO Case Study Project #2:

Evergreen - Case Study

Evergreen - Case Study

Niche: Debris Removal & Bulk Junk Pickup
Website Type: Industrial Service Provider
Result After Organic SEO: Consistent 500+ Average Monthly Visitors
AHrefs Site Authority: 31
Moz Site Authority: 16

Evergreen SEO Case Study

Evergreen SEO Case Study

500+ |  Monthly Website Visitors

Evergreen Junk Removal is a junk pickup and debris removal company based in South Florida. We helped take the site's organic traffic from 30-50 clicks per month to 500+ and counting. 1,000% growth in traffic after 12 months of ongoing work. 

The traffic is consistent and will only continue to increase over time and as the companies brand recognition also grows so will business, searches directly for the business like "Evergreen Junk Removal" or "Evergreen Junk Services" associated with the company. 

These are the type of results we guarantee we are capable of achieving for any industry. However, numbers will vary based on the marketing marketing budget and industry type.

Evergreen 12 Month SEO Case Study

Evergreen 12 Month SEO Case Study

Evergreen SEO Case Study - Site Traffic Value $1,300

Evergreen SEO Case Study - Site Traffic Value $1,300

Reasons You Should Choose Our SEO Agency For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Important For Your Business

There are are many reasons to invest in internet marketing and why it is important for your business. Below is a list of 5 key reasons.

  • Reach More People Online Than You Can With Traditional Marketing Strategies
  • The Cost Is Far Less Expensive Than Printing, Mailing, and Paid Advertisements
  • Through Emails or Social Media Growth As Well You Can Build Professional Relationships
  • You Can Build A Fan Base For Your Product, Services, and or Work
  • Increased Brand Visibility Nationwide and International Depending On Your Industry

Choose Us As Your Go To Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

  1. We Work One On One With You To Achieve Monthly/Quarterly Lead Goals
  2. Guaranteed Results In Ranking In Your Niche/Industry
  3. We Are Reliable and Effective When It Comes To SEO
  4. We Brainstorm and Strategic With You For Increased Growth and Performance

Is SEO Worth It For Businesses Looking To Scale Up?

YES, SEO is worth it for any business looking to scale up the amount of clientele or customers they receive online and or locally. Search engine Optimization can save you A LOT of money in expenses in the long run. If you are only using PPC or CPC forms of advertisement for leads for your business. The moment you stop paying for them the leads stop coming. With SEO you can build your traffic to where it's recurring and you are no longer having to pay per clicks.

SEO Lead Generation Internet Marketing

SEO Lead Generation Internet Marketing

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